Dr. Lei Wei     Ph.D. M.E. B.E.

Department  of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL 32816-2450
Tel: (407) 823 5098
Fax: (407) 823 5835


Research Interests

Key grants

I won research grants worth of 1.14 million dollars (all as Principle Investigator, 1.09 million dollars are credited to me and 1.01 million dollars are external funds). Grant agencies include NSF, NASA/UCF, US Army, MadahCom, Florida Department of Education through grants from DHS.

Selected Journal Publications

Taught classes in the past (see webcourse.ucf.edu for updated teaching materials)

·    EEL 3520 Information Theory

·    EEL 3552 Signal Analysis and Communications

·    EEL 4515 Digital Communications

·    EEL 5542 Random process I

·    EGN 3373 Principle of Electrical Engineering

·    EEL 3122C Electrical Networks

·    EEL 6504 Communication System Design

·    EEL 6530 Communication Theory 

·    EEL 6590 Advanced Topics in Communications: Error Control Coding

·    EEL 6938 Special Topic: Wireless CDMA and UWB